Thursday, April 29, 2010

How it all began

On 4/9 I came home from work not feeling well.  As the evening progress I started having chest pains and radiating pains across my back between the shoulder blades.  We called 911, and they took me to Swedish hospital. 
Upon arriving at Swedish there was a crew of doctors, nurses, and others who went to work on me right away.  They gave me diladin for the pain and zofran for the nausea, then sent me for CAT scans on my heart.  My heart was good so they did a PET scan to verify that my heart was good. 
While this was going on I began having high fevers, chills, bronchitis type coughing fits and hives over my whole body.  The team treated my symptoms and admitted me for observation. 
For the next six days my symptoms continued in the same fashion and they managed my symptoms, these symptoms occurred about six to eight times a day.  There were many blood cultures, and blood tests, as well at scans and other tests.  They determined I had a undiagnosed virus, which was running its course and I was sent home after one week, with my fevers occurring  only once a day.
I slowly began recovering my strength until 4/21 when I began having headaches.  I went to Doctor Straub my regular doctor on 4/22 and she thought I was having seasonal allergies and was making good progress.  The headaches quickly became very painful and on 4/23 I returned to Swedish emergency room in extreme pain.  The PA examined me and checked for Meningitis and bleeding in the brain by giving me a spinal tap.  These came back negative so they gave me another shot of diladin and sent me home, even though I expressed a fear that the headache would return.
By the time we got home the headache was very severe and I began vomiting.  I contacted Dr Straub who saw me right away and after examining me knew there was something very wrong with me.  She gave me medication to take at home but I only lasted a few hours at home until the pain became unbearable.  We discussed going back to Swedish but felt that I would again get treated for a symptoms not the root cause.  The decision was to fo to Porter hospital which turned out to be a very good decision.

4/24 began a new experience in hospital care.  I expressed my concern about finding out the cause as my primary concern and treating the symptoms as needed to my doctors.  The doctors retested some of the results from Swedish and found answers that were missed before.  The doctors also collaborated with other specialities to find answers.  The pain was constant and the staff was caring and considerate in helping me manage my pain. 
Finally on 4/28 I began getting some answers.  There are two major things wrong with me and that is part of the reason  that the doctors had such difficulty finding the answers.  They found two blood clots on my brain which required immediate action.  Intravenous Hepron was given to me right away to start reducing the clots.  They also found I have thyroid cancer but will not be able to treat this until the clots are under control.
I feel relief because now the doctors can make a plan and satisfaction because my pain is real and not imagined!

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