Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A bump in the road

I know now that my strength is returning because I have gone to work for two days and come home futzing around or run errands.  Since mid-March I have either been in crisis or preparing for the next crisis.  Now I have all that behind me and healing though slow, is progressing.
On my last visit in the hospital one of my doctors sat on my bed and told me how lucky I am, and that this was all just a bump in the road.  When he told me this it was like he was minimizing what I had gone through. Later I thought about all I had seen in hospitals and waiting rooms of the various doctors.  Although what I have experienced is very severe, once they found out what was going on, the cure for each of the problems is well researched, safe, and reliable.  Often those I saw in the hospitals or waiting rooms had a limited number of days. 
These people are the strong ones who face each day knowing that as each day passes there are fewer remaining.  Those of us who don't know what the future hold make plans while those who know their future live their lives fully. 
My bump in the road gave me a glance into the world of those who cherish each moment.  In some ways they are the environmentalist of life.  These are the ones who use their limited resources in the best way, not wasting the moments that each day brings.

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  1. if there is ever a bright side to being seriously ill, I guess it is that learning about the right way to live.