Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tough couple of days

On 7/14 I started getting a headache, by that evening was severe so I went to the emergency room.  After a CAT scan and a small shot of Diladin they sent me home.  The next day the headache was back and in full stride so I called the doctor and he admitted me to the hospital.  They put me on Depakote which is a seizure medicine but it totally got rid of the headache by the next morning.
I have two new medicines to add to my bag of "goodies" which is WAY to big as it is.  Three of the medicines are short term, so after I stabilize I will only be on Thyroid medicine and some vitamins.
I was so disappointed  to go back to the hospital, the night before the headache started we had gone to a Carole King / James Taylor concert and I kept hearing her sing "You got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world..."  I think hearing that helped me from sinking into a really low dishbag funk.  However, the bright lights may have been the cause of the headache.
Oh well, no more concerts for a while, I will just have to listen to Pandora and Wolfgangs vault.

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