Thursday, July 8, 2010

Healing goes on

My voice is barely audible and I am beginning to get headaches again.  Dr. Hepworth (ENT doctor) has made a small cut in my throat so the blood can drain, this will relieve the pressure on my larynx and on my throat for swallowing.  He expects me to heal completely by next Wednesday, it will be 5 weeks after surgery by then. My next appointment with Dr. Wolf (Neurologist) is in August, if the headaches continue or become worse I will have to contact him regarding the blood clot status. 
Neither of these situations are what we had hoped for, nor are they very bad.  I think back to Mid-March when this all began, and all of events that have transpired have been strange and mysterious.  Today Dr. Hepworth gave me a hug, I feel he is pleased that I am making progress since so much of what has happened has been unexpected. 
After talking with the doctors about exercise and bleeding I have been released to begin exercising again.  This is good news I am looking forward to regaining my strength.  Beginning tomorrow I will start exercising 1 hour per day keeping track that my heartbeat does not exceed 120 bpm.  Working steadily toward health I will regain my strength!

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