Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All or nothing

I have always been an all or nothing type.  My body doesn't give me clear directions of when I have "done" too much.  I don't know when I have had too much to drink until it's too late, just like I don't know when I'm tired until I'm in pain.  I have started getting out and exercising and when I get home I fall into a deep slumber.  It's not like I'm pushing myself, while I'm out I feel like I'm taking it easy, it's when I get home that I feel the exhaustion.
I know this is part recovery and part regulating the meds, I also know I'm not going to get my strength back unless I keep at it every day.  It's disheartening how slow this is going, it feels like summer is evaporating while I'm "working" on getting better.
Remember the movie with Bill Murray where he was crazy and the doctors therapy was "baby steps" that is me through and through.  Baby Steps!

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