Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sharing is caring

OK this is sappy but more importantly true.  I am doing so much better, no more headaches (at least not in the last 7 days), still no voice (but who really needs it in the summer?), my strength is returning (never fast enough true?), and the love of family of friends is holding strong!  I have received and continue to receive well wishes, people keeping in touch, and invitations to get out.
Last week I had lunch with two good friends on different days, and since I am having difficulty finding high neck shirts to cover the gruesome neck thing, they both are going shopping for me, one has already found shirts for me.  I have been given suggestions for scarves, and many people tell me "It's not that bad", but really it is totally gross!
It was my turn to share today, Rob who has to look at my gross neck and the stress of having a very sick wife needed a break so he went rafting with raft club friends on the Arkansas river, I hope he has a wonderful time.  He needs strenuous activity like other men need cave time. 
Tomorrow he and I are going on a picnic with his parents to a secret location that only special people get to go to.  They are sharing their special place with us, and Rob is sharing his weekend time with me.  It all works out  :-)

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