Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My life

Three doctor appointments in one day is asking for trouble because something is bound to cause a disruption.  First doctor appointment was to check my blood thickness and it was WAY too thin, they can't seem to get this right.  Second doctor was a cardiologist who was one hour late due to his being detained in surgery, only to tell me he my heart was strong and not to worry about my impending surgery.  This made me late for the Neurologist.
Fortunately I was only three minutes late but he "worked me in"  How is it I can be made to wait one hour  and then made to feel bad for being three minutes late.  Strange how this works huh!
Dr Wolf the Neurologist took me to his office, again odd situation, I am used to going to patient rooms.  It wasn't all that bad, my blood clot is now one big clot that stretches from my jugular vein to my sinus's which sound like it has grown but it has actually shrunk.  However, the docs hopped it would be gone by now. 
Dr Wolf will be in the operating room during the surgery monitoring my brain to make sure everything is "OK".  I keep being told not to worry, but really who wouldn't.  Would you?

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