Monday, June 14, 2010

It's not over yet

Today I have been exhausted.  I took a shower, ate breakfast, and went to my regular doctor for a simple blood test.  No reason for such exhaustion, so I got onto the Mayo clinic to check on my symptoms and it's pretty evasive but something is out of whack.  Normally people who have thyroid surgery return to normal activity within a day, I had mine five days ago. 
Fortunately my Endocrinologist called and wants to see me tomorrow, I think I may have hyperparathyrodism, which can be treated with vitamin replacement.  It can be very serious, but I only seem to have a couple of symptoms and since I have the doctors appointment tomorrow I am not concerned.
I am soooo looking forward to waking up, feeling good, no pain killers, and having a day filled with activity before I feel tired.  Is this asking too much?

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