Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good things come in pairs

Rob came home safe and happy from his trip on the river and I went to a class on quilting.  After 3 hours of class I made 2/3 of one square.  It is very exacting work, but rewarding when done well.  I am quite excited to begin this new craft.  When I got home from class Rob was there and we had a lovely afternoon sharing each others company, followed by dinner at JJ's.
If I were counting down, it is 4 days until my surgery which has taken a life of its own.  It is very difficult to shift my train of thought away from the various aspects of the surgery, pre-op, post-op, chemo, coumadin therapy, and when do I get to go to Moab to see my grandson!  So I am determined to use yoga, deep breathing, relaxation, and pain killers to shift my focus away from the what ifs to the what is.

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  1. We have had a household of visitors the last week so I haven't checked in on how you are doing for awhile. I love the sweater you made for your grandson and I am anxious to see what you produce quilting. I don't know if I have the temperament or eye sight to do that, but I do love the product. I can imagine it is very tough, but do try to go into the surgery relaxed and optimistic and strong. Wayne and I are rooting for you! Also, now that the crazy month of May is over, I have a bit more time. Please call if we can do someting for you or Rob -- bring food, keep you company sometime etc. phone is 303 316 0301.