Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The storm

A good friend told me today that "you are either entering or existing the storm" while we were talking about life's tough times.  As the surgery gets closer I am getting more apprehensive.  My Neurologist yesterday said he would be part of the team of doctors during my surgery.  His job will be to monitor my brain.
I feel like I am both entering and exiting the storm, leaving behind the uncertainty of the last 8 weeks, and beginning again without the part that has caused me so much trouble and pain.
By the way we were having breakfast at Snooze an "AM dinning experience" and I am "still" full 10 hours later.  Ir you are feeling like a leisurely decadent breakfast experience I highly recommend it.


  1. We're pulling for you, girl. You totally have this.

  2. You WILL get through this!!! and you do have to ride out the storm sometimes. A very wise person once told me that it does get better (Rob) and it does. Randy's thyroid completely stopped working a year before they found the tumor...but they did and it's down to the size of a walnut now. His bladder cancer is back, but he got through the treatments and he's better now, you will be too!!!! You just have to ride the storm a little longer! We know you can do it!!!!