Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers day

Had a really good day today; breakfast out, walk in the park, and relaxing at home.  Although I have been home since mid-March I haven't had much relaxation.  It has been filled with sickness and recovery, pain and pain abatement, fear and courage.  Today was different.
I'm not sure why but today I feel I have reached a place where the healing can move mostly in the right direction.  It is 5pm here and I feel like doing something, my attitude is positive, and there is little to no pain, as the doctors say between 1 and 10 it is a 2.
Next week I only have one doctors appointment, and feel like filling the rest of the week with visits, and walks.  The weather is Conifer has finally become pleasant enough to be outside and enjoying it.  All things considered I feel optimistic.

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  1. I sure wish that pain index could get closer to 0. Still thinking of you.