Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another day

I feel like this is the calm before the storm.  I'm catching my breath and enjoying my family like we are on holiday.  Good talks, good food, and togetherness relieves the spirit and warms the heart.  Tomorrow I begin the tour of doctors.
Yesterday I said how much I trust my doctors, let me add a caveat to that.  My brother says the difference between god and doctors is that god doesn't think he's a doctor.  This is my body and I know what I'm feeling and whether it fits the symptoms or not doesn't matter one bit to me.  As a patient I have to advocate for myself.  Doctors find me an interesting case because there are many things that are rare.
My blood clots are on the venus side of my brain instead of the arterial side, and they tell me the clots are life threatening, but the docs haven't explained yet what that means, they keep avoiding telling me what will happen if....  OK, life threatening is enough for me to take it seriously and follow their orders.  I take my medicines and shots on schedule, I will visit the docs to check the coagulation regularly and when I feel changes in my body I will let them know.
Often what I have told them doesn't relate to what is going on but my insistence has proved to finally make a connection for them. I finally found a team of doctors who aren't just treating the symptoms but found and are still looking for the cause of the problem.  They found the headaches were caused by the blood clots, but now what caused the blood clots?
I face problems head on and have a strength and perseverance of character to see this through.  I have no doubt that I will be healed with the aid of the doctors, medicine, and the support of all I love and those who care for me.

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  1. Great attitude, Tina! You are right to advocate for yourself and I am so happy you have a good team of doctors. Keep being persistent and I know things will start to get better for you. As always, you are in my thoughts.