Saturday, May 15, 2010

Five days of snow in May

Living in the mountains has its pros and cons such as; views and high altitude, solitude and distance, and cool summers and long winters.  Our first snow was the last day of summer this year and it's now May 15th and we still have our ground covered in that cold white stuff. 
During the first two days of this weather pattern I found myself getting depressed because the snow was so heavy I didn't want to drive anywhere and I felt trapped.  On the third day I went to town and my attitude improved immensely. My headaches increase with bad weather while my mood deteriorates.  Finding ways to overcome this has been challenging.
What I know is I love living with the forest surrounding me, the vistas and the clean mountain air. The depression wasn't due to where I live but what I am hindered by.  Time to toughen up Tina!  There is much to be grateful for and much to be hopeful for.

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