Friday, May 7, 2010

Roller coasters

Nothing like a good roller coaster ride to get the adrenalin flowing, 3-5 minutes of exhilaration and then back on the ground happy and maybe relieved.  I haven't gotten off my roller coaster and touched the ground for longer than a couple of days in the past 6 weeks.  Lets just say I'm losing patience and am ready for this to be behind me.
Yesterday Dr. Mikhaeel made me feel like this is no big thing, they have the blood clots under control and it's just a matter of time and healing.  Today I saw Dr. Hepworth the ENT doctor and when he walked in it was like the slow ride to the top, the belly tickle once I got to the top, and the ride down. 
He had cool machines like a pair of television glasses that I got to see what he was seeing when he scoped my ear, nose and throat.  He gave me a package of 4 CD's from the MRI and showed my the top of my skull, my eyes, and my sinus on his screen.  Pretty cool stuff.  Then  He showed me my left and right thyroids and how much larger my right thyroid was.  Large mass 10cm on my right thyroid, but more importantly (this is the dropping part) there is necrosis in my thyroid.  The only way to find out what is going on is surgery (still falling).  If there is cancer they will remove both thyroids right then, and may take my para-thyroids (they regulate calcium and vitamin D) and possibility of damaging my vocal chords, which can be repaired.
So back to the docs meeting and determining what is the most critical to take care of; the mass or the blood clots.
Oh yea, now they realize the fevers I had for 7 days was a thyroid storm, and yes it could come back.  Damn some people have all the luck.  Good thing he has scheduled surgery for 5/27 so I don't have much waiting around time!

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