Monday, May 10, 2010

Day off

I took yesterday off from blogging, from housework, form thinking about my problems.  It was mothers day and Rob and I went for two walks and had milkshakes.  It was a good day.
Today I went to a doctors appointment and my blood is in the good range, then a walk with Gonzo my dog, and finally home for a nap.  My strength is improving but not very stable, it's hard to figure how when is enough or when is too much.  My body isn't sending me any signals. 
Those who know me know I have had hot flashes for years, now they are lasting 15 minutes and my whole face and neck turn crimson and I perspire very profusely.  My guess is the thyroid tells a body when it's tired and since I'm not getting thyroid messages I get too tired and then I get an incredible message. 
In fact I'm going to blame everything on my thyroid until this is over it's an easy target.

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