Monday, May 3, 2010


Saw Dr. Straub who is my primary doctor and  she was very happy to see me feeling so much better.  It is like night and day in a matter of a week and she told me how concerned she was when I last left her.  Her sincerity restores my feeling of good will to those who dedicate their lives to the arts of healing.
I will be seeing all five of the doctors working on my case this month and some of them more than once.  This is quite a change for someone who only went to doctors for annual checkups and occasional sinus infections.  Medicine is such a complicated process.  Each speciality knowing their art and the priorities appropriate to their section, will work together to complete the puzzle that is me!  Negotiations and discussions will occur that prioritize the level of care necessary for the crazy condition of me!
Notice it all comes down to me? 
Right now I have to get better to go back to work which I miss terribly, I have to get stronger to restore my active relationship with my husband, family, and friends who have supported me through this ordeal, I have to go slow to get strong. This is probably true for everyone, but understanding slow is as confusing as understanding I'm sick.  I have always been able to get through the week and get better by resting over the weekend.  I do not have the luxury to ignore the signals my body is sending to me.  Now is the time to hear what I have to say to me.
Ahh once again it's all about me.


  1. Tina, it is all about you and taking the time to do the hard work of healing.