Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cloudy day

Last night I woke with throbbing back pain and a severe ache in my chest.  I tried moving around to relieve the pressure even getting up out of bed, nothing seemed to work.  I finally work Rob my husband and asked what should I do, the last time I had this kind of pain I ended up taking an ambulance ride.  We decided I should try a pain pill first. 
It worked and I was able to go back to sleep waking up at 10:00 feeling very groggy.  My right ear had pressure again and I was feeling a little nauseous.  I had a doctors appointment at 10:30 so I got ready and went.  I talked to the doctor about my concern and she said my blood was thinning slowly, but not to worry because the novolox shots were keeping me in check with the blood clots.
I had made arrangements the previous day to meet colleagues for coffee at the mall where I was went  for my daily exercise.  This was the highlight of my day, getting my mind off my troubles, buying a new shirt with the girls, and generally getting caught up. 
Enough of feeling sorry for myself, tomorrow will be a better day.

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  1. Remember it is a slow process. I know it is frustrating but at least the pain pill helped and you didn't end up back in the hospital. Keep your spirits up. You will have good and bad days but as long as the good outweigh the bad, progress is being made. Love you -- Holly