Monday, May 17, 2010

Surgery update

My doctors have met and decided to postpone the surgery to June 9th.  The Hematologist and Neurologist both think the blood clots are the most important.  The ENT and Endocrinologist both think the cancer is the most important.  They have come to an agreement, which is OK by me.
I am planning on having the easiest cancer to fix, hope my body agrees with me.  So far my body has been pretty unpredictable, for both me and the medical profession.  My blood has been too thick, too thin, and now too thick.  The docs keep changing the dose of the medicine but they are having difficulty find the right amount. 
I can't make my body behave.  It's not like I can eat less, or exercise more I can only follow the docs instructions and hope they know what they are doing.  But really, they are for the most part just guessing, and I am thier Guinea pig. 

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