Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduation night

Last night I was part of McLain Community High Schools graduation.  These kids were excited, and proud to be moving on to the next stage of their lives.  Family and friends packed the auditorium, and there was cheering and camera flashing going on throughout the celebration.  As the students received their diplomas they filed past their teachers where we could greet and exchange congratulations.
This was a emotional event for me.  Each of these graduates have overcome some type of obstacle to become successful.  I was a small part of that journey and feel proud to be part of their journey. 
I came home exhausted and exhilarated, my strength is far from normal and seeing these students reaching their goal was truly joyous.
As my surgery approaches I am feeling despondent, I remember my students "acting out" towards the end of the year.  New beginnings are kinda scary.  I am focusing on a successful surgery and endeavoring to stay positive that the results will be good.  It's the unknowing that is disrupting me. 
Here's to waking up to good news and looking forward to a healthy future.

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